tribal electro – neues / new mixtape C๏sʍ๏cast ★ 161 | Andi Rietschel | A Autumnday Dance in Peace

C๏sʍ๏cast ★ 161 | Andi Rietschel | A Autumnday Dance in Peace

yippie und juchhuuu
gestern nacht sprang ich im angesichte der vollen mondin in einen laubhaufen im park…
das ist immer wieder wunderbar…hihihi

voller freude kann ich euch nun das release meines neuen mixtapes für die kanadischen cosmovision verkünden

diesmal tribal electro… erst ruhiger , dann zum tanzen, circa 3 Stunden

nun also für alle zum anhören hier:

Möge Frieden sein in uns und ÜBERALL auf der Erde…


last night i jumped in the face of the full moon in a pile of leaves in the park…
that’s always wonderful…hihihi

i am happy to announce the release of my new mixtape for canadian cosmovision

this time tribal electro… first calmer , then to dance, about 3 hours

May there be peace in us and EVERYWHERE on earth…


Andi Rietschel a cosmocast journey for and in peace

i am andi rietschel
andi from the leipzig tribe of peace
from leipzig, germany
i am a dj, storyteller, organizer of the peace dance festival and peace activist
when i go my way
i try to walk it in peace
when i act as a dj or put together mixtapes
this is done for and in peace

tribal beats from all over the world is what i bring together most often when djing or creating mixtapess.
in the meantime i have created a series of soundhealing mixtapes that create peace and healing… in me and certainly in others
for cosmovison i put together a 3hours tribal electro mixtape with the music of wonderful artists….
music that accompanied me in the last days, on hikes in nature at the edge of my city leipzig and on a trip to a small island in the baltic sea….

I send you this music, this autumndance…
may it bring you joy… peace within you… through dreaming and dancing and through this feeling drop by drop come closer to greater peace

my way is is to find peace within myself and to be able to radiate it around me
this is a difficult task, which i also fail at again and again…and then keep trying

may peace be in us and around us and on and for the whole world

i, you, we – we are all the peace family….
may we live in trust, in love, and in happiness for peace….

a call to my family
for love, for peace, for healing…
we are the creators
we are the world
we are so different, we are one
be here now!andi rietschel – andi (from the leipzig tribe of peace)


Cosmovision Records is a music label and collective created by a mix of immigrants from Latin America, Europe and locals from Canada, based in Montréal,
working together in a collaborative and inter-dependent way through a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary artistic platform.We believe in the value of different cultures
and diverse ways of appreciating art and the Universe itself. This way we created Cosmovision Records, to spread art inspired in a folkloric root combined with a
contemporary perspective linked to electronic music and a positive spiritual approach.


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