„we are the peace family“ in yoga aktuell

english below

eine schöne überraschung!!!
in der zeitschrift yoga aktuell wurde eines meiner mixtapes vorgetellt…


hier das mixtape….  we are the peace family zum anhören und kostenlos herunterladen

Die Zeitschrift gibts im Zeitschriftenhandel… oder digital hier: https://www.yoga-aktuell.de/

a nice surprise…
in the magazine „yoga aktuell“ one of my mixtapes was presented…
listen and download the mixtape for free here: https://soundcloud.com/in-love-in-peace/the-peace-family-andi-from-the-leipzig-tribe-of-peace

read the english translation

mixtape: in love, in peace

„disturbing times of upheaval also call for peaceful times in between. andi rietschel (andi from the leipzig tribe of peace)
shares on his soundcloud profile“in love, in peace“ the right music for this. music that makes people happy, that brings them together, and that promotes them together. boundless. with „we are the peace family“ the peace activist and dj has put together a mixtape with wonderful old and new healing and peace music from musicians from all over the world such as Netanel Goldberg, John Lennon, Ajeet Kaur, Shimshai, Bob Marley, Light in Babylon, Orot, Ilhaam Project, Gaiatrees and many more.“

the magazin in the web: www. yoga-aktuell.de



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