MONADA BRAHMA 007 – FAITH – We Are Circeling – mein neues mixtape…


Mit grosser Freude und Dankbarkeit an die Musiker, Produzenten dieser Songs, und Dankbarkeit an die Berliner monada um san miguel, die es veröffentlichen, kann ich euch nun  mein neues mixtape präsentieren… diesmal 3 Stunden voller herzerwärmender ruhiger healing, spiritual, rainbow, peace Songs von der grossen Familie… viel Freude beim anhören…  hier:

(meine 32Mixtapes zum tanzen findet ihr hier: )

Monada / San Miguels words:

„Hey hey rainbow kidz – a brand new MONADA BRAHMA just found it’s way to us !!!
Let’s welcome together the tribal-beats enthusiast @andi-rietschel (from the leipzig tribe of peace) who provides us a very special ride with >> Monada Brahma 007 <<. As the year comes closer to it’s end and nature slows down for a while, we want to honor the cycles of life by doing the same. We want to hold on with you to take a deep breath, to feel, to listen & to dream. The year has been spectacularly energetic, peppered with a lot of challenges and lessons… Now it’s time for us to slow down.

The Dj, peace activist, storyteller & dreamer ANDI went deep into his soul to gather together a heart-opening dream journey which reminds us to take a look back inside to the roots of our love, faith & strength. His 3h-set is filled with beautiful and soft gypsy, tribe & rainbow tunes, where you can experience unforgettable moments of pure joy, healing and dreaming. A very tenderly melting fairy-tale with the mission to create togetherness for a better world in love, peace & respect.

As cover art work Radka Tiarksova supports us again with the highly vibrating & outstanding art of Radka Soulart. We’re deeply grateful for this special collaboration and are happy to have the possibility to share it with all of you as we believe that a combination of different styles of art leads our senses to expand, feel & see the whole picture within. ANDI’s cover art is „Faith“ of Radkas series „12 gifts“ which mirrors the message and intention his heart beats for.
The intro is a collaboration with San Miguels talented daughter and is accompanying us through our podcast journeys.
Listen, chill, dream, ground, heal, float..

Love, love, love & nothing else as love ❤

@andi-rietschel //


01 elah and ausierra – prayer for peace
02 ani williams – earth mother – steffen kirchhoff revision
03 cantos de alma – corazon
04 curawaka – noku mana
05 alexia chellun – allowing
06 leora simcha & oded ben layish – i was told
07 cosmic journey – aguia no ceu – a’it bamarom ( noam ini ben david and marina root)
08 rachael sessions ft. juan carlos arevalo, arkawa – ayahuasca taki muyki
09 kalibe – punu punu
10 astral flowers – ceu da altamira
11 pasaje universo – inikanaué kaiowá
12 india mae da lua – faixa
13 hombres medicina – despegando
14 nadia-amor odoya
15 forestt – gates
16 nagual – shimi neshama
17 via daca – paparuda
18 estudos rainha do mar – eu peço a meu pai cantado
19 anand satori – kaxinawa
20 irineu barse – pascador
21 gayla – niketi
22 gpg durga-kali
23 yopi & lotta – jay ma
24 river roots – silent revolution
25 sounds of kali / nina salvage – kali edit
26 loli cosmica – a orilla del mar – intiche edit
27 nalini blossom – soul flight – mose remix
28 saved by sound – dance like the way as that the world was on my shoulders –
29 maneesh de moor – heal your soul
30 miss greendream – healing song
31 sacred valley tribe: canta diego palma y andrea lombardi – ancient-voices
32 uria tsur – we are circeling (live)
33 dona francisquinha with amazon ensemble – shawandawa healing chant
34 siti & estray – ceremonia final

Download for free on The Artist Union:



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