Willkommen im Frühling! Ein neues Mixtape für Euch / welcome in the spring – a new mixtape for you: a sacred journey – in love, in peace

Ihr lieben Menschen!

Willkommen im Frühling!

Hier ist mein neues Mixtape für Euch! Geniesst Es!

hier zum kostenlosen download:


und hier auf meinem 2. soundcloud account https://soundcloud.com/andi-from-the-leipzig-tribe-of-peace-2/andi-from-the-leipzig-tribe-of-peace-a-sacred-journey-in-love-in-peace

Anbei noch ein paar Sätze auf English, ich denke ihr versteht sie…


wunderful people!

welcome in spring…

here is my new mixtape for you – enjoy it…

for my friends from the sacred journey family in israel and for everybody of the tribe of peace everywhere in the world – you are welcome – for a life in peace!!!

come in, on a wunderful dreamy world of hippiesk spiritual medicine songs from different tribes, countrys, people of our world. take a deep breath and smile! be happy and be here now! we are the founders of the world peace…. let us start now… to make peace with our sisters and brothers and our family around of us and then step by step…it grows and grows and grows… peace…worldpeace… remember… we are so different .. but we are one tribe!!!

thank you for the music!
wunderful musicians, djs, producers:

01 siti
02 danit -rey & kjavik remix
03 giselle ponto
04 loli cosmica
05 una ramos feat. f. cabral – javier cassani remix
06 balwant kaur y gurinder singh
07 savia andina – barrio lindo edit
08 os tincoas deixa – lqsb-edit
09 nato – megablast edit
10 the polish ambassador ft kirtaniyas – niko alvera remix
11 inti nahual
12 harmonie
13 ???
14 islandman-remix
15 david starfire – delhi2dublin remix
16 igoresha simakov
17 marie-laforet- yeahman-remix
18 velvet underground – seletor chico remix
19 tahir qawwal
20 prem baba musicians
21 aviv agami
22 avraham tal – carla sinisgalli – mixing by Evaldo Luna.
23 siti & estray

best wishes from leipzig

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